Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Bite at the Conference Schedule

I have noticed that the variety of events and sessions available at CLEO multiplies every year. For example, it is impressive how many short courses are available in this year's conference agenda. And the scopes of the short courses become more and more narrow (for example, Quasi-Phasematching for Wavelength Conversion and All-Optical Nonlinear Processing). It indicates the necessity to narrow down the topics to cover them in more depth, and the need to introduce more and more aspects of current developments in Optics to the newcomers. It is a clear sign of the rapid developments in the field of Optics. Indeed, the more we achieve, the more opportunities open for the future progress, and this process is avalanche in nature. Wouldn't it be interesting to look ahead what would the agenda of the CLEO conference become in, say, 10 years from now?

Finally, I managed to discipline myself and, following the numerous recommendations from other bloggers and my internal voice's constant nagging, got through the conference agenda to plan my Monday attendance. As always, I ran into a difficulty to decide what is more interesting and important. I believe, I should first go with the things most relevant to my current research, which is all-optical signal processing on a chip, but there are so many different things that fall into this category, and even more that are more distantly related, but still important, that I am at a loss how to prioritize my attendance.

Using the online planner, I ended up marking one or a couple of sessiong that are of special interest to me per each time slot. Among those that I marked are QMA and QMC - Novel Phenomena I and II, QMD - Surface Plasmon Polaritons, QMF - Plasmonic Waveguides. CMCC - General Aspects of Nonlinear Optics, QMG - Localization and Propagation in Desordered Media and CMMM - Super Continuum and Multiwavelength Generation are of intereest, too. How am I going to handle all this? I guess, I have no choice but spreading my wave function to cover several sessions at the same time. Like many of you, I am sure.

And I am yet to plan the rest of my schedule...

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