Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Greetings to all who happens to read this. It is a bit more than three weeks left before CLEO. I am currently at home, writing my first blog to express how much I am looking forward to the upcoming conference.

Perhaps, many of you know how it is easy sometimes to get too involved in your everyday activities, hardly ever finding time to look around and see what other people in your field are doing. I for one do not check the newly published papers every day. Do you? So concentrated trying to solve another research problem, frustrated dealing with troubles and excited about small intermediate achievements, almost loosing a big picture of what I am trying to accomplish... This is the way I feel right now. It is high time for a conference! And not just another conference, but the largest conference in the field of Optics - CLEO/QELS.

I am looking forward to all these exciting talks and events, to seeing my friends (I happen to have a lot of friends in San Francisco area, and even more attending CLEO) and people I used to work with while at graduate school, to meeting new people, to establishing new connections and potential collaborations. Another three weeks of hard and (hopefully) productive work, and back to the world of Optics in its full diversity and color!

Oh, I'd better start planning my attendance soon - not to miss any great talks and events. I still remember what happens during such large-scale conferences: you try to plan your schedule to decide what talk to listen, but there are more than ten parallel sessions, outstanding speakers in about five of them presenting at the same time, about three simultaneous talks relevant to your research topic, and you wish you could be in a quantum world to spread your wave function over all the sessions! Doesn't it sound familiar?

See you all at CLEO!!!

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